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Re: Atawallpa was no chicken (It was Re: chicken in America: from Asia? (cont.))


Concerning your latest long post. 

Lots of things are there in the ground that have not yet been found.
Arguments by omission are not valid. 

Re: chickens: they may have arrived from Asia pre-contact, but not too
early pre-contact. Thus they would be difficult to find, as the time
frame of native tribes possessing them pre-contact would be narrow in
such a case. As (and I said this before) they may not have been a food
staple (but they _could have been_ _in some areas_), and this presents
additional difficulties. 

Has someone mapped out the areas where precolumbian chicken bones are the
most likely to be found? If not, why not? (Hint: because nobody knows
much about the important evidence pro precolumbian chickens that Carter
presented.) _This_ would be the most valid and useful information for
archaeologists to investigate further, if this discussion is to
accomplish anything of substance. This is the direction to go if more
progress is to be made towards finding those bones.

Also, lots of things are found but not reported for various reasons. Are
you going to tell me that archaeologists ALWAYS are quick to publish
their excavation reports? And that all important evidence is ALWAYS
reported and published?

Anyway, all these arguments are pretty basic. The main argument pro
precolumbian chickens for me remains, Why would the chicken have arrived
EVERYWHERE in the Pacific, including the Easter Island -- but failed to
cross the last stretch of the ocean? You got the answer for this?



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