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Re: Yuri's smoking guns (was: Testing Gourd Diffusion?

In article <59pr9e$n5h@news1.io.org>, Yuri Kuchinsky <yuku@io.org> wrote:
>: >rus n sheptak (rus@world.std.com) wrote:
>As regards this ref:
>: >C. Johannessen, and A. Parker, MAIZE EARS SCULPTURED IN 12TH AND 13TH
>: >BOTANY, 1989, 43(2): 164-180. 
>: Yuri, this isn't new...we discussed it about a year ago in this very
>: newsgroup and found it less than convincing...take a look at the 
>: posts in DejaNews before dragging it up again, please.
>Well, I've just wasted more than an hour looking for this mythical
>discussion in DejaNews and could not find anything. Thanks for sending me
>on a wild goose chase, friend... 

Well, the discussion did take place.  I'm not the only one to post on its 
existence, but I apologize for sending you on what appeared to you to be
a wild goose chase, and I apologize for the incompleteness of DejaNews, with
which I have no connection.  It just points out how much we take for
granted about the Internet...Can anyone find an archive of this discussion
for Yuri?

>: I, for one, am getting tired of this.  Not because I think the topic isn't
>: interesting, because it is.  Its because the standards of evidence you
>: use are so poor. 
>You just demonstrated how high _your standards of evidence_ are! I sure
>do get tired of uninformed and misleading opinions tossed at me by people
>like you! Yes, indeed...
Uninformed?!  Misleading?! not at all. I've never posted an uninformed or
deliberately misleading post in my life.  Yes, my standards of evidence are
high.  Yours should be.


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