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Re: chicken in America: from Asia? (cont.)

The question of the etymology of "Atahualpa" and words in Quechua
for chicken has been addressed by real linguists - as opposed to Carter 
style linguists. 

 Hamp, E. R. 'Chicken' in Ecuadoran Quichua IJAL 30: 298-99.
 L. K. Carpenter, How did the 'Chicken' cross the Andes ? IJAL 51 361-64.

[IJAL = International Journal of American Linguistics] 
These articles do not support the preColumbian chicken hypothesis. That
hypothesis is mentioned, in order to be rejected for lack of evidence, in
Bruhns' book _Ancient South America_, 1994. ( In 1994 I was curious
 whether the idea had any foundation, read a bit, and found it did not.)

Geoffrey Mess