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Re: chicken in America: from Asia? (cont.)

Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:
> Domingo Martinez-Castilla (agdndmc@showme.missouri.edu) wrote:
>> In 1571, Diego de Trujillo wrote about his remembrances of the Conquest.
>> He : was present at Cajamarca at Atawalpa's capture.  Even though he was
>> an old man : when he dictated his chronicle, it is important to note the
>> following passage:
>> : "Llegamos a Caña que es una población grande, y de mucha comida, y ropa
>> de la : tierra, que avía silos llenos della; [...] En este asiento se
>> hallaron : gallinas de Castilla pocas, y todas blancas"
>> : My translation: "We arrived at Zaña, a large town, with much food and
>> local : clothes, with warehouses full of them; [...] In this place we
>> found chickens : of Castilla a few, and all of them white"
> The fact that they were white chickens DOES NOT prove that they were
> European of "Castille". 

Who said it did?  What the chronicle says is:

1. there were chicken;
2. they were just like the ones we have in Castille;
3. there weren't many of them;
4. they were all white.

1. is a point for pre-Columbian chicken in Peru.

I don't know anything about chicken: is the difference between Asian and
European varieties big enough for a non-specialist to tell the
difference at a glance?  If so, that's a point against pre-Columbian
chicken.  Otherwise, it's a draw.

3. and 4. seem to suggest a recent introduction (few in number and few
in variation).  A point against pre-Columbian chicken.

> : It took me 30 minutes of almost random reading to stumble upon this.
> I bet you the dinner at the Indian restaurant took you even longer than
> this?

"Llegamos a sci.archaeology [..] En este asiento se hallaron posteadores
de Castilla pocos, y todos aficionados al pollo tandoori."

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