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Re: chicken in America: from Asia? (cont.)

Well, group, what can I do?

I read something in a book.  I honestly thought that it was an interesting piece of evidence that info of pre-Pizarro chickens in Peru was readily available, and that Carter should have used it.  And what do I get? Flames from the person that should be more happy (but no bones yet, huh?) than anybody else about that.  Isn't life unfair?

No. I do not think so.  It only tells me a little more of what I care to know about the unusual goings on Mr Kuchinsky's line of argumentation.

There we go again:

In article <5944cp$1as@news1.io.org>, yuku@io.org says...
>The fact that they were white chickens DOES NOT prove that they were
>European of "Castille". White chickens were highly prized by the Chinese
>for their feathers. White chickens were all over the Pacific islands
>pre-contact (see p. 197 in Carter).

Should I cry here, or what?  Who is trying to prove anything, by all heavens!!  I am quoting a paragraph is all I did!  And Diego de Trujillo wasn't trying to prove anything!

I am giving you "evidence" (whatever you think that is) and the best you can do is plain dismiss it because of prejudice?

>: It took me 30 minutes of almost random reading to stumble upon this.
>I bet you the dinner at the Indian restaurant took you even longer than

The difference is that I do have the books in my shelves, Mr Kuchinsky. I have no way to prove this, so discussion is moot and your point ignored. Trust me only on thgis: I do not keep around posting stuff I know nothing about. (See the period?)

>: I would : believe that other mentions of the Spaniards finding Castilla
>chickens would : not be hard to come by
>The argument that just because the Spanish called them so they must have
>come from the Spanish is a little silly.

Who is given that argument?!!! Please!  They called them "Castilla". Period.

You are beyond help, Mr Kuchinsky, and do not even recognize help when it comes handy right away.  You have put me in the ranks of the "enemy" and whatever I say is suspect, even when it may help your dubious assertions.  I posted that because it was the honest thing to do.  I feel cheated, and down.  Now my Christmas may be ruined beyond repair.  Life is so unfair!  <Sigh!>



Domingo Martinez