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Dr Pettennude,

I find your posting invading the humorous side of this thread, which I though 
I had monopolized.  I have already mentioned Shang language related to menus 
(in my case to the French fries that come with the chickens).  You may even 
infringing in my copyright!

In article <01bbe9ef$4d0d6680$acc4b7c7@tekdiver>, "Paul E. Pettennude" 
<pettennude@usa.net> wrote:
>Ain't science neat?  Of course O.J. Simpson's lawyers might say the
>evidence was tainted by early chicken thieves who stole chickens from
>ancient Asia, packed them in Polynesian canoes which were made out of
>coconut trees (They also used coconuts as flotation devices).

In a post of a moment ago, in the original chicken thread (I love how this 
sounds!) I took out from the middle of the Diego de Trujillo's quotation 
precisely the following:

"... topamos un río grande, y era grande porque los Indios hecharon todas las 
acequias por él; pasámosles en balsas de calabazos los que no savían nadar, y 
las sillas de los caballos, y el hato que avía..."

Translated: ".. we got into a large river, and it was large because the Indios 
collected all the small streams into it; and we passed in calabash rafts those 
who could not swim, as well as the saddles and the herd..."

This of course, could lend itself to wild speculations about African rafts on 
floating plants.  It sure is incontrovertible evidence of something.

>  Once the
>chicken thieves arrived in the New World they opened a chain of Pollo

O Pollo Campero or some Pollo a la brasa perhaps, depending on the exact point 
of diffusional landing.

>.. take outs which served french fries and imported yams as sides.  To
>improve their business they brought along a Shang scribe to print take out

You see?  You are almost copying my original research!

>  To teach the illiterate locals to read the menus, the scribe
>introduced the arts of reading and writing.  Writing enabled local
>restaurant critics to write about this amazing new take out chain and the
>locals to read about it.  To pay for the chicken dinners, the locals were
>forced to develop an economy.  Cities spung up around the Pollo Dorados,
>thus leading to the major New World civilizations.  

I am speechless at this tour de force of original thinking!

Thanks for the laugh,


Domingo Martinez Castilla

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