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Re: You Want Evidence of Contact? Here It Is.....

gkeyes6988@aol.com wrote:

[relevant material omitted to save space]

: Anyway:
: 1. You can have a few shipwrecks of pretty much anyone you want in the New
: World, with negligible risk of spreading epidemics.  Large colonies and
: repeated contact increase the chances.
: 2. You can have contact with people from societies which have low
: population density, too. 

Thanks, Greg, for providing your informed response to Domingo's rather
superficial criticisms.

I'm always curious to observe when people try to make fun of theories
that they have so little understanding of. But this seems so common in
this discussion that it gets a little tiring after a while.

Half of my critics tell me I'm not posting enough responses to their
often ill-considered condemnations. The other half are telling me to shut
up and go somewhere else. And then, there're the humourists... All in
all, it seems we're having fun... But who will be the last one to laugh?


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J. Needham.