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Re: You Want Evidence of Contact? Here It Is.....

In article <01bbe060$acb2c5a0$b4c4b7c7@tekdiver>, "Paul E. Pettennude" <pettennude@usa.net> wrote:
>The following six examples strongly suggest that intellectual contact
>between the Orient and Precolumbian America did in fact occur: 


I posted an unsuccessfully humorous post about this, but its first paragraph 
mentioned the issue of germs and disease.

This is very important.  Even though it is not possible to scientifically test 
that something did not occur, we have som circumstancial indications that no 
important human contact occurred for at least several millenia before the real 
thing.  That indication is disease.  It is very difficult, for many of us 
worried about the depopulation of the Americas after contact, to understand 
how some other human contact could have occurred 100, 200 or  1000 years 
before 1492 without simultaneously exchanging germs along with agricultural 
domesticates. Humans are biological entities, and as such they are not exempt 
of serving as unwilling hosts of all kinds of germs and parasites, like rats, 
for instance.

Could anybody propose a scenario in which the purported contact take place 
without exchanging those pesky germs?  I cannot think of any.



Domingo Martinez Castilla

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