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Re: You Want Evidence of Contact? Here It Is.....

In article <19961203174300.MAA10256@ladder01.news.aol.com>, frankzappy@aol.com wrote:
>The god king then leans over to whisper instuctions to his Chief of Staff.
> The Africans, sensing that all has not gone well with their generous
>offering anxiously start looking for more gifts for the king.  One of the
>Africans, desperate to appease the ruler, reaches into his provision bag
>and pulls out -  a sweet potato and a Chinese cook book; in Shang, of
>course!   Little realizing that, years later, this very act would cause
>much heated debate in a far off country called "Newgroup."  

Of course, the Africans, before embarking in their wondrous agricultural 
export expedition, made sure that every member of their party passed all 
serological and other tests (made in some extraterrestrial facilities in 
what is now as the Okavango Delta --I know my nature TV) with flying 
colors, so as not to contaminate the Olmecs with the dozens of 
infectious diseases that they wanted to save so Europeans will have a 
heck of an easy time in the XVI century (they, of course, knew all this 
from a prophesy book that was written in a variant of the Shang 
language, that used the same characters of the cookbook, but read from 
bottom to top and from left to right.  In actuality, there is evidence 
that the cookbook was just a prophesy book in disguise, originally told 
to Persian merchants in Palestine, referring to some lost tribes of some 
unknown  kingdom, way west of Shang-ha, etc., etc.)

There also seems to be evidence of indirect contact --by way of some 
red-headed Celtic druids-- between the Andes and the Mau escarpment 
inhabitants, who insist in calling Irish the supposedly South American 
potatoes. No scripts here, but the Shang cookbook refers to potatoes as 
French.  This is really messy, and for some reason nobody can straighten 
it up.

My brain is now getting diffused (please allow these bad jokes in the 
name of my 5-year old son, who is entering that dreadful stage of 
bad-joke-telling life..  I love it!.)



Domingo Martinez-Castilla